Tumor Immunology

Branch of biology concerned with the role of the immune system in the progression and development of cancer is known as Tumor Immunology. The most well know application is Cancer Immune therapy whereas immune system is used to treat cancer. It also be suggested that immunosurveillance primarily functions as a component of a more general process of cancer immunoediting.

Immunoediting induces selection for certain tumor cells, which loose dominant tumor-specific antigens allowing the tumor to progress. It has 3 main phases: elimination, equilibrium and escape.

  1. Carcinogenesis
  2. Onco-genomics
  3. Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy
  4. Cancer therapeutic resistance
  5. Antitumor Effector Cells and Regulation of Tumor Immunity
  6. Tumor-Associated Antigen & Immunosuppression
  7. Mechanisms of Tumor Rejection and Modulation of Antitumor Responses
  8. Pathobiology of Immune System Malignancies
  9. Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy & Targeted therapies
  10. Drug Development & Vaccines
  11. Treatment Approaches for Cancer
  12. Specific / Non-specific Immunotherapies
  13. Immuno-Oncology studies