Clinical & Experimental Microbiology

Microbiology is the study of biological organisms that are too small to be seen with the naked eye (without using such tools as the magnifying glass or microscope etc). It is therefore dedicated to studying the lives and characteristics of a wide variety of organisms ranging from bacteria and archaea to parasitic worms in their environments.

Microbiology has proved to be one of the most important disciplines in biology, making it possible to identify how some of these organisms cause diseases, discover cures for such diseases and even use some microbes for industrial purposes etc.

  1. Cellular Microbiology
  2. Molecular Microbiology
  3. Bacteriology
  4. Parasitology
  5. Medical Microbiology
  6. Microbial biotechnology
  7. Pharmaceutical Microbiology
  8. Veterinary Microbiology
  9. Protozoology
  10. Phycology
  11. Mycology
  12. Nematology
  13. Microbial Cytology
  14. Microbial Physiology
  15. Microbial Ecology
  16. Microbial Genetics